Let’s get this thing started…

I am not by any means a professional writer,

But I am still a writer.

For the last 8+ years, wanting to write is the only thing that has remained consistent. I’ve tried adjusting to a more “reasonable” career path, including journalism and even teaching, but nothing fit. They didn’t offer the creative freedom I was looking for, the magic. I was only going to be happy creating my own content.

Becoming an editor was a much more spontaneous decision.

I was in my first year of undergrad at Northern Michigan University when I joined the staff of the Lightkeeper (Honestly, I originally planned on joining the creative writers’ club, but it was at the same time as band practice), and I was Editor-In-Chief by the end of my second year. I found that I actually enjoyed helping other authors improve their work. Seeing their name above the finished work made me feel like a proud mother. Was there a way for me to do this professionally?

The Lightkeeper (now known as the Ore Ink Review) was my first introduction to the world of editing and publishing, but it was attending the AWP (American Writing and Writing Programs) conference in Seattle in 2014 that cemented the idea in my head that maybe this was something I really could do as a career. The panel I attended on graduate-level publishing programs was the last sign I needed.

Three years later, I’m two-thirds of the way through a MA in Publishing and an MFA in Creative Writing. I finally have a full novel draft and what I like to believe is a decent understanding of the field. Yes, student loans are a pain in the butt, but I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

I’m hoping to use this blog a way of not only recording my last year of graduate school and my entrance into the professional world, but also as a way to really express the love that I’ve found for the printed word.

No matter what happens in the coming years, I can’t see myself ever regretting the decisions that have led me down this path.

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