A book you wouldn’t otherwise read – “Prodigies” by Angelica Gorodischer, Translated by Sue Burke

“Katja, who was in the courtyard bending over a tin-plate pan, looked at the water and told herself that there were beings with wings and yet the hid them. She did not know what she meant by that, she was used to those sudden obscure thoughts, so she was not frightened and did not stop what she was doing to stand still and think about what it might be, what it might mean, why she had thought it, if it was a memory, something she heard in passing, whatever it was.”

Over a month later, and I’ve only finished one book for the challenge. Not a very good start. Especially since I intended on starting in the beginning of May and reading at least one a week. Oh well…

While it’s not to blame, part of the delay was the book that I ended up reading. The first topic I drew ended up being “I book you wouldn’t otherwise read”, so obviously it wasn’t going to be a book I was too invested in.  And I won’t deny falling into a fanfiction hole like I have many times before.

Despite plans to save it for a different topic, I ended up reading a book that I got for free from Small Beer Press at AWP: “Prodigies” by Angelica Gorodischer. The novel tells the story of the lives of multiple women that pass through a nineteenth-century boardinghouse.

100% honest, I doubt I would have picked this one up without the challenge. Even if I had, I more than likely wouldn’t have finished it. It’s not bad, not at all. Not my cup of tea, but if you like your reading materials to be on the more literary end, than this one would be for you.

The only problem I really had with it was the length on the sentences. Sentences could easily last a whole paragraph, and you could go a few pages before one of the longer paragraphs will end. It makes for very slow reading.

On that note though, the language was beautiful. I was a little worried about it since it is translated, but the translator Sue Burke must have been so dedicated. You could flip open to just about any page and pull a quote.

Overall, I don’t think I’ll be reaching for this one again any time soon on my own, but if it showed up on a class reading list I wouldn’t be mad at it.

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