2017 Reading Challenge


  • Topics will be chosen by random draw
  • Unless otherwise stated, books need to be one you haven’t read before
  • You can not use one book for more than one topic


  1. A book you read in school
  2. A book from your childhood
  3. A book published over 100 years ago
  4. A book published in 2017
  5. A non-fiction book
  6. A fantasy book
  7. A book written by a male author
  8. A book written by a female author
  9. A book by someone who isn’t a writer
  10. A book that became/is becoming a film
  11. A book set in your state
  12. A book with a name in the title
  13. A book with a number in the title
  14. A book where a character shares your first name
  15. A book someone else recommended to you
  16. A book with over 500 pages
  17. A book you can finish in a day
  18. A banned book
  19. A book with a one-word title
  20. A book translated from another language
  21. Objectified Scotsman Thursday
  22. A memoir or journal or biography
  23. A book written by someone younger than you
  24. A book set somewhere you’ve never been
  25. An award-winning book
  26. A self-published book
  27. A graphic novel
  28. A book with two authors
  29. Epistolary
  30. A book with multiple POVs
  31. An LGBTQ+ Book
  32. An audiobook
  33. A classic novel
  34. A historical fiction
  35. Blind Date with a Book
  36. A book from your TBR pile
  37. A book you have read already
  38. A series
  39. Pick a book for a friend
  40. A book with an ugly cover
  41. A book with a pretty cover
  42. A book from the year you were born
  43. A book based on a fairy tale
  44. A play
  45. A horror book
  46. A dystopian book
  47. A book you have been wanting to read
  48. A book you got for free
  49. A signed book
  50. A book from an author you’ve met
  51. A book by a woman but has a male protagonist
  52. A book by a man but has a female protagonist
  53. A book you wouldn’t otherwise read
  54. A book with bad reviews
  55. A book that makes you cry
  56. A book you hated
  57. An anthology
  58. A book set in another country
  59. A book with a color in the title
  60. A book with nonhuman characters
  61. A book from an author you love but haven’t read yet
  62. A popular author’s first book
  63. A book at the bottom of your TBR list
  64. A book you were supposed to read in school but didn’t
  65. A book your mom loves
  66. A book by an author you’ve never read before
  67. A book you own but have never read
  68. A book you started but never finished
  69. Collection of Poems
  70. Reread your favorite book

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